This morning, QSR heard from Andy Lacroix, Executive Director of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, the parent company of the Shorelines Casino, which is currently being built in Belleville (
A veteran of the Canadian gambling industry, Mr. Lacroix explained how the province of Ontario has selected  private companies to operate well-regulated casinos in Ontario.  In this case, Shorelines will be operating closely with the City of Belleville, employing 182 full-time and 120 part-time employees. Belleville Shorelines will have 18 gaming tables, 450 slots, a buffet, a private lounge, and special room made available to local charities.  It is predicted that the casino will have a $41 million impact upon the local economy.
To help those with gambling issues, the casino will have Smart Centre to detect and assist those who need help.
We are looking forward to the positive impacts this newest addition will have on the area.